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Facebook Messenger Hidden Chess Game

Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Chess Game

Did you recognize you’ll play chess with an admirer directly in an exceedingly Facebook Messenger chat window? All you wish may be a special phrase to launch the chess board and begin taking part in.

BetaNews shares the instructions:

During a conversation, sort @fbchess play and a board can seem. Your friend can go 1st. Select a piece using K for king, letter for queen, B for bishop, N for knight, R for rook, or P for pawn. Then add the letter and range representing the space you want to move it on the board.
So, for instance, you’d sort @fbchess Pd4 to move it to it space. If quite one piece will go there, you’ll be asked that one to move

By the way, if you would like a bigger read of the chess board, click on the chat menu settings icon and choose “See Full conversation.”

Sure there square measure loads of great/better chess games you’ll be able to play on-line along with your friends, however this built-in one is accessible to everybody you know on Facebook.

Source – betanews

Image Source – lifehacker

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